Pregnancy Massage

Here at Albany Massage, we believe that there is no other time in which therapeutic massage and body work can have as important an application than during pregnancy. We understand that while this is an exciting, miraculous time, it can also be a very uncomfortable and even painful one. We work with women during and after their pregnancies to help relieve related discomfort and diminish pain. Our office is fully equipped with pregnancy tables in each room allowing the expecting mother to lay face down with the spine in a healthy, neutral position which alone tends to reduce her low back pain.

Our staff employs techniques that help relieve edema, reduce headaches, relax muscle spasm and increase circulation. We work to alleviate sciatic pain and leg cramps. We address the overall discomfort related to a healthy but rapid weight gain, increased blood volume and hormonal changes, as well as the altered body shape and postural changes that accompany a shifting center of gravity … all which can be a part of this transitional time.